Vice Chancellor’s Message

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King's International University is committed to research, discovery, and artistic expression; in a community that values and nurtures talent and quality of mind. Boundaries between classrooms, libraries, laboratories, studios, and the world beyond the campus are dissolved as faculty members, graduate students, and undergraduates collaborate in multi-disciplinary teams to generate discoveries. Liberated from archaic learning methods such as rote memorization or recitation, our students bring theory to practice, and observe practice to construct theories. This pedagogical orientation prepares our students to be effective, ethical, and globally literate leaders in an increasingly interconnected world.

The University provides the academic forum for the non-partisan and partisan to speak, meet, and more forthrightly discuss their disparate views. The University has established various campuses globally to ensure that the University can bring education to the door step of everybody. The University makes a difference nationally by engaging students, faculty, industry, and other educational institutions in solving national problems. As a convener of talent, the University fosters collaboration across sectors in service to the public good.

The University embraces and promotes diversity in every sense of the Word in the academic enterprise, in student admissions and student programs, in faculty advancement, and in the institution’s business practices. Professors will encourage students to engage persons from other races and cultures. All students from all economic backgrounds will have full access to the range of study, and other co-curricular programs, regardless of the students’ financial means.

King's International University offers both the traditional mode of study and the Open University stream to help students have the best opportunities to achieve their goals.

Welcome once again to a University that is committed to your dreams, its time to open the world of possibilities for you.

Dr. Nabi

Vice Chancellor