Technology Enabled Learning (TeL)

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Technology Enabled Learning (TeL) is a platform used for providing Internet enabled Education. Its significance has increased with the acceptance of the internet as a communication tool worldwide. Technology Enabled Learning (TeL) uses the internet as a media for leveraging the pitfalls of our traditional education system by providing an environment which is more learners centric rather than being more instructors centric, powered by Internet Technology. The Technology Enabled Learning (TeL) has laid a new chapter in education as through this medium learners can now undergo training sitting at their home or any other place with Internet accessibility and continue their education.

The aims of a Technology based medium are highlighted below:

  • To bring remunerative, more affordable, high quality and skill based education for all human beings.
  • To simultaneously spread this kind of education to all parts of the globe at a rapid pace.
  • To constantly monitor, manage and upgrade the programmes.
  • Expansion of Higher education opportunity.
  • To produce energetic, effective, employable, efficient and ethically driven graduates and post graduates to serve the society.

The aim is not only to focus on imparting subject knowledge and skills, but also to mould students with better conduct and character committed to the societal needs and national development.