Open University – FAQ

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What is an Open University ?

An Open University is a unique model that operates with an open-door academic policy, with minimal or no entry requirements. Open universities may employ specific teaching methods, such as open supported learning or distance education. This has been a successful model that has been operating in the academic world allowing people with other commitments to gain formal qualifications.

Can I enrol in the Open University?

KIU is committed towards the empowerment of the student and this means that the student has the choice of the mode they choose to study.

What qualifications do I need to have to enroll into a course at KIU?

One of the advantages of Open University is that the choice of your course is not based on your formal qualifications but more on your experience and ability to work in the field of your choice of study. Depending on your age and your experience, a representative at KIU can help you ensure that you are provided the right guidance and choices to ensure the successful outcomes for your course.

How to enroll?

It is very easy to enroll at KIU. First complete the enrollment form that is suitable for your course that can be downloaded from the "Forms" and you can either email it to ""

How do I complete the course?

Depending on the requirement of your course you will complete your study at your time online. The KIU Online system is an online educational hub that provides you with all required resources and material to help you successfully complete your courses. The advantages of this is that you get to choose your study time and complete the course within the specified deadlines that will be provided by KIU.

How do I get my qualification?

On the successful completion of your course and subject to meeting all course outlined requirements, KIU will mail your Qualification to the address you provide.

How do I authenticate my qualification?

KIU offers you the opportunity to login to the "Qualification Authentication" on our website where you can authenticate the Qualification that has been awarded.