Open University

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With education being offered online, barriers of time and space are being eroded. Technology Enabled Learning (TeL) is an internet enabled technology driven education that allows you to study anywhere and anytime as per your convenience. Education shapes the destiny of a nation and is the principle instrument of developing human capabilities and transforming the economy. The traditional structure of the classroom has existed for thousands of years and has evolved by passing through various phases. The first phase was the Gurukul where gurus imparted knowledge to Shishyas. Then came the second phase where the teacher taught using blackboard and chalk. In the third phase virtual aids like OHP and multimedia took over the traditional system of imparting education and now the Online Revolution!

In the context of rapid technological advancement and changing global market, the impact is felt on every field including education arena. Technology Enabled Learning (TeL) is one of the ways of imparting effective education to aspiring people, residing anywhere in the world, to pursue and advance their learning process via the internet, minimising or in most cases eradicating conflict with their professional responsibilities and duties with education by presenting a variety of solutions and subjects beyond the scope of traditional education. Online learning helps to increase the educational experiences irrespective of age and geographical diversity.