Chancellor’s Message

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Welcome to King's International University which is founded on a set of distinctive principles. One of the core elements of the University is its commitment towards scholarship of teaching and learning.

Our University is driven towards excellence in all our actions and work. We emphasise the importance of understanding our present while ensuring that we preserve our future.

The University comprises of diverse schools provide an intellectual retreat for students and staff alike. We believe that the wisdom of our elders combined with the will power of the younger generation will bring forth new exciting opportunities and innovation that will play a vital role globally.

Being the native University, we proudly represent the cultural aspects of the Kingdom of Tonga and feel blessed to be part of a rich country filled with heritage and be a core element of the fabric of the local community. The heart of the University will be a global treasure and a shared treasure for students and faculty members who live and work in an environment that, by design, fosters collaboration between and among schools and cultivates a sense of family that extends throughout life on campus and beyond.

We believe in you and know that there are hidden talents that need to be discovered. We will be privileged to be part of that exciting journey as our students grow and realise their potential therein realising their various dreams and aspirations. As countless as the stars in the sky, our University seeks to help make dreams come true.

Come let's make your dreams a reality.

Rev. Dr. Bernard Malik